Garden Product Reviews: Should I Do Them?

Posted on Jul 5 2011 - 2:22am by Mike Lieberman

When I wrote about having sponsors, some people mentioned that they wanted me to review the products. This is something that I wanted to get more feedback from you on.

To give you my thoughts, a straight review isn’t something that I’m really that interested in. For the most part they are pretty boring. I will definitely be using the products of my sponsors more, but don’t want to dedicate an entire post to a specific product (sans contests).

Before Botanical Interests even became a sponsor, I wrote a post about them. The reason I wrote this is because lots of people kept asking me where to get non-GMO seeds from and the seed companies that I contacted wouldn’t respond. In the comments of that post other people recommended other seed companies as well.

Thrive is another one of my sponsors that recently signed on. I have yet to use their product, but suggest it when people ask me for alternatives to liquid Miracle-Gro. I am going to be using Thrive in my garden, once I get the twig issue resolved.

I am sure not to say that I’ve used it with great results. That would be lying.

What I’ll be doing is if I am doing something and using a product, I will mention it within the post. If you have a question about that product, then feel free to ask via email, comments, Facebook, Twitter, carrier pigeon…whatever.

When using sponsor’s products, I’ve been very clear and upfront that I am not going to blindly say that the product is the shit and works great. If I have used the product and don’t like it, I will certainly say so as well.

The most important thing is that I don’t want to lose the focus of this site, which is to inspire and empower people to start growing their own food and give some gardening tips along the way.

I’m always down for the dialog and discussion, whether it’s by email, in the comments of this site, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube if you have any questions on products. That is, unless, you really want me to do product reviews.

What’s your thoughts?