How to Select the Best Grow Light for Indoor Growing

Posted on Sep 25 2014 - 7:31am by UOG

Not all light is the same by Michelle Moore

Plants respond differently to different colors of light. Light on either end of the spectrum, blue light or red light, have the greatest impact on photosynthesis.

Kind of Lights

Blue light, referred to as cool light, encourages compact bushy growth.

Red light, on the opposite end of the spectrum, triggers a hormone response which creates blooms.

Orange and reddish light typically produce substantial heat, however, some lights are able to produce full spectrum light without the heat.

Grow lights come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges.

As a general rule, inexpensive lights to purchase tend to be the most expensive to operate and the least effective. While price is not necessarily an indicator of performance, many of the efficient grow lights require ballasts as well as specialized fixtures.


Image of vegetable being grown indoors under artificial light is via

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Your turn!  Are you growing anything indoors?  Which grow lights have you found to be most effective?

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