CropSwap – A New App That Lets You Trade Fruits and Vegetables, Locally!

Posted on Jan 15 2017 - 7:17am by UOG

“In this episode, you will get a tour of the front yard and back yard of this residential tract home lot. You will discover what is growing and John will share his tips and tricks along the way. You will learn how you can improve how you are growing in raised beds to grow more food in less space.

You will also discover the secret to composting in a 3 bin pallet pile system and learn about the one perrenial vegetable you must grow that can grow more food than a whole 4’x4′ bed of kale!

Finally, John will interview gardener Daniel McCollister creator of the CropSwap app, which is a new product on kickstarter that helps gardeners “trade homegrown, perfectly ripe heirloom fruits and vegetables in our own neighborhood. Let’s take control of our food system!”

“Our biggest challenge is a behavioral challenge: people are used to shopping in grocery stores. We need to teach people HOW to grow food and show them why creating a localized food system is better on every level.”

Main timeline of the app. Users can scroll and look at available produce in their neighborhood, click on each item and see a detailed profile about it.

21db15845893ffa813dd59e244bc1b6d_originalTo make a deal, users make offer from their garden and say what they want back. Other user can either approve or make a counter offer until both sides agree.


CropSwap confirmed neighbors coming. Scroll through pictures of vegetables your neighbors will be bringing.

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