Is My Integrity Tarnished Because I Have Sponsors?

Posted on May 23 2011 - 2:15am by Mike Lieberman

In the beginning of the year I started to partner up with some sponsors. I wanted to discuss with you whether you think that I’m still maintaining my integrity and remaining true to this site with that addition.

My reasoning for starting this site in 2009 was to inspire and empower people to start growing their own food. At the current time, I’m pretty much dedicating myself to to this full-time.

Since I’ve partnered up with these sponsors, I’ve been mindful not to turn the site into an infomercial. That’s not why I started this and it’s not what I’m going to turn it into. Doing that would totally turn me off and I would think turn you off as well.

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m pretty much a DIY kinda guy – making self-watering containers and hanging soda bottle planters. The DIY thing ain’t for everyone. I understand that.

Often times people will ask me about products or what they can buy instead of making. So I’ll turn them on to one of my sponsors or put them in touch and be fully transparent about it.

While seeking and speaking with potential sponsors, I do my due diligence in regards to checking their relationships with companies such as Monsanto and Scotts (Miracle Gro). I’ve actually turned down a few companies that were about to write a check out to me because of their relationships with those companies.

I’m not sacrificing what I’m doing and stand for because someone breaks out George Washington.

Moving forward I’m going to be integrating my sponsors more into the site and what I’m doing, but I’ll by no means become Billy Mays. My goal is to do it in a way that helps to expand the scope of what’s already being done.

I’ll still keep doing what I do and this site will not become an infomercial.

Ultimately this site is about you, so I want to hear from you. Do you think my integrity is tarnished because I have sponsors?