Taking a Break and Asking For Your Feedback

Posted on Aug 22 2011 - 2:57am by Mike Lieberman

This is going to be my last post for a few weeks. Going to be taking some time away from the site to travel and visit friends and fam. Time to rejuvenate so I can get some new life into the site.

During the time off, I will be taking a look back at the past few months and evaluating what’s been done to see what has done well. That will to help come up with new ideas and to keep the site fun and interesting. The last thing I want is to become is another boring gardening site.

One idea that I’ve had that I want to work on is rigging so that it can be used to water all of the containers. That way if you have multiple containers, you only have to water one of them.

Most importantly is – what have you really enjoyed and really hated? Be honest, I can take it. If I don’t like your opinion, it obviously means that you are dumb and I won’t fault you for that.

For reals, please provide me with your feedback to help grow and shape this site.

Do you like the quick gardening tips? Dislike?

More or less on the effects of chemical gardening and alternatives?

What about the food news? More of it? Less of it? Cut it out all together?

Have you been enjoying the recipes or can do without them?

What else would you like to see that hasn’t been covered?

Lemme know in the comments and I’ll check you when I get back to posting on Monday, September 19.