Which Posts Have You Found Most and Least Useful?

Posted on Apr 20 2012 - 1:47am by Mike Lieberman

In 2012, the content focus has change…

…and I would like to get your thoughts.

As the header image of the site says, this site is about “Practical container gardening tips to grow your own food.”

Which is why I want to make sure that that is what is provided for you – practical tips.

It’s easy for me to know which ones are the most popular. I really want to know which ones are the most useful to you, so more of those can be created for you.

This is going to be my last post for a few weeks. As you are watching this I’m back in NYC and going to be speaking at Green Festival on Saturday, April 21 at 2pm at the Javitz Center. If you are in the NYC area, come check it out and say what’s up. I’ll be back posting regularly on May 14th…or possibly before.

Most popular posts of 2012 so far…

To help jog your memory here are some of the most popular posts from this year:

[vimeo clip_id=”40674783″ title=”0″ byline=”0″ portrait=”0″ width=”525″ height=”393″]

Your turn

Since I want to be of highest service to you on this journey, in the comments below let me which posts were the most and least useful to you.

Each and every comment is read. Your opinion counts.

Photo courtesy of Bilal Kamoon on Flickr.