Keepin Urban Organic Gardener Real

Posted on Aug 1 2012 - 1:03am by Mike Lieberman

This post was inspired by a conversation that Anita and I had a few weeks back.

It was when I was initially launching the Fall Gardening 101 course.

If you are a new reader, fan or follower, please read so you know what you can expect from this site and the information that I share.

Why Urban Organic Gardener was created

It wasn’t answering your questions about the best way to get rid of aphids or what to do if your tomatoes are getting blossom rot.

That’s not my passion nor what I feel strongly about.

What I feel strongly about is our food and knowing where it is coming from.

What I feel passionate about is empowering you to start growing some of your own food in a way that’s
not overwhelming or confusing.

And from what you’ve told me, it’s something you’re passionate about too.

During the past 3 years, I’ve created and put together lots of free information, inspiration and ideas to give you the tools to not just create your own urban garden, but to know where your food’s coming from…

And keep it pesticide and chemical free.

Because here’s the bottom line:
It’s freakin awesome to grow your own lunch…

No doubt.

But it’s life-changing when you can take back control of your health and your family’s health by getting connected to and deciding for yourself which foods make it on to your plate.

There’s nothing like growing your own to make that a reality.

Why am I writing this?

Over the past few months as the popularity of the site has grown, I’ve been receiving more emails, comments and messages.

Some of which…haven’t been so nice.

I had one woman email me that she’d never buy anything from a guy wearing a black hoodie and does the “black rapper thing” with his hands.

I had someone tell me that I should change the name of my site because I was limiting my audience by not allowing people to talk about in ground gardening.

I have people emailing me multiple times asking me to solve their insect problems, then calling me out and being rude publicly when I don’t help them with their problem.

These aren’t the type of people that I want to reach and interact with.

It’s made creating and sharing information a bit of a drag lately, which is why the quality of the content has been suffering.

If you want to learn how to farm you backyard, till up your front yard or cure the black spots on your tomatoes…this isn’t the place for you.

I don’t say that with negative feelings, this just isn’t.

To bring that feeling and passion back into what is being done, I am going to get back to the fun, simple and informative posts that inspire and empower you to start growing your own food, so you can avoid toxic pesticides, eat healthier and not feel limited by your lack of experience and space.

Can I get an amen?