Backyard Vegetable Garden in Brooklyn

One of my urban gardens was a backyard vegetable garden in Brooklyn. I had it set up from May 2009 – December 2009. It was in my Grandmother’s backyard in Canarsie, the neighborhood that I was born and raised in.

Her garden beds were not used. Instead I made 15 self-watering containers that were planted in. There were also six herb planters set up.

The backyard vegetable garden was a great way for my 90+ year old Grandmother and I to bond. She used to grow a lot in the backyard, but currently just grows some tomatoes.

I grew a bunch of vegetables in the containers including cauliflowers, lettuces, spinach, cucumbers, cabbage, onions, collard greens and much more. My big mistake was that I grew a little of a lot instead of growing a lot of a little.

Since I was growing such a variety, I couldn’t really piece together a complete meal at one time.

The herbs I grew were rosemary, thyme, chocolate mint, spearmint, sage, chives and more.

I was also able to experiment with setting up a cinder block garden in the backyard.

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Video of the backyard vegetable garden in Brooklyn on September 14, 2009: