Bus Converted into Mobile Food Market Brings Fresh Produce To Low-Income Neighbourhoods

Posted on Feb 1 2016 - 7:44pm by UOG

1Much of the population that lives in urban areas isn’t able to maintain a diet that consists of a lot of fresh vegetables, herbs or fruit.  Money seems to play the number one factor for this, because fresh vegetables and fruits can be expensive in these areas.  The Mobile Good Food Market is changing this, by bringing more fresh produce into these areas without the consumer needing to travel.

“Thanks to a collaboration between FoodShare Toronto ,the City of Toronto, and United Way Toronto, an old bus was converted into what is a mobile food market. Everything from broccoli and lettuce, to apples and onions or other fruits and vegetables are available when the bus comes to town, twice per week. The price isn’t that much lower, because they have to take care of the costs involved by the bus, but all in all, the idea behind such a conversion is easy to praise and be impressed by.”

You can find more details in a video here: “OffGridQuest.com

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