Urban Gardens in NYC and Los Angeles

When I was living in NYC, I kept two urban gardens. One in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn. Now that I’m out in LA, I have a balcony garden.

NYC Fire Escape Garden
I started urban gardening in the Spring of 2009 when I planted on my fire escape in New York City. Besides the 2 x 3 landing, I used the handrails.

Backyard Vegetable Garden in Brooklyn
I was also able to utilize my Grandmother’s backyard space to grow vegetables. There were about 15 self-watering container with vegetables and six herb containers that were planted.

Balcony Garden in Los Angeles
I moved to Los Angeles in April 2010 and started my balcony garden soon thereafter. It’s much more spacious than the fire escape at 13×4, but it’s east facing and gets no more than 6 hours of morning sun.