Update on my Garden – August 7,2011

Posted on Aug 8 2011 - 2:57am by Mike Lieberman

My bad for missing last week. Some personal things going on, but all good.

It’s been a while since I gave an update on my balcony garden so wanted show you what I got going on and no matter where you live or how much space you (don’t) have, you can grow some of your own food.

I live in Los Angeles and my balcony is 13 x 4 and east facing. This means that I don’t have much space or direct sunlight (maybe 4-6 hours). That does’t mean that I can’t grow anything. Currently on my balcony, I have four self-watering containers that I built using upcycled 5-gallon containers.

In the containers I have the following:

  • 2 containers of swiss chard
  • Spearmint
  • Jack Be Little Pumpkin

I am using a tomato cage to grow the pumpkins vertically.

That’s what I have growing in my garden with some bigger plans for the fall. What do you have growing in your garden?