Using Pumpkin Tendrils to Help It Grow Up a Tomato Cage

Posted on Jul 26 2011 - 2:34am by Mike Lieberman

I am growing a miniature pumpkin variety from seed for the first time. It’s Jack Be Little Seed that I got from a sponsor of mine Botanical Interests.

No, I’m growing some huge Charlie Brown type pumpkin on my balcony garden. That would be dope though. These get to be about 2-3″.

It’s been about two-months or so since I first planted it (or maybe a month) and the plant is doing amazing. It looks like it is going to start blossoming soon and the leaves are getting large.

I am using a tomato cage to train it vertically since I don’t have much space for it to sprawl.

To help the plant grow upwards, you want to take the tendrils, those are the small viney (if that’s even a word) type things, and guide them up the cage. The tendrils help to support the plant while it’s growing and will wrap around anything that will support them.

Have you ever thought of growing pumpkins in containers? What have you learned learned about growing pumpkins?