Stepped Rooftop Creates Space for Urban Farming in Vietnam

Posted on Dec 3 2019 - 6:34am by UOG

The vast majority of rooftops are just wasted space, especially in crowded cities. At the very least, they should be collecting rainwater or covered in solar panels. Larger urban buildings are more likely to make use of their rooftops by turning them into terraces, but why do we so rarely do the same for houses?

Aerial shot of
Despite it's impressive rooftop garden space, the Red Roof is built on a very small plot of land
Planted rooftops can also help lessen heat exposure, reducing the need for air conditioning outside. But one of the biggest benefits of a usable rooftop is its ability to expand access to the outdoors. Many existing houses could be modified to support retrofits, but building new ones specifically with this feature in mind allows for even more creative possibilities.


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