You’re Getting Your Garden Ready for the Spring While I’m Still Growing

Posted on Nov 3 2010 - 3:08am by Mike Lieberman

I want to brag a little bit in this post. It’s been about 7-months since I left NYC for LA. In terms of growing food and gardening, it’s starting to settle in now.

It hit me when Colleen Vanderlinden wrote 10 Things to Do Now for a Better Garden Next Spring on Planet Green.

Last year during this time, I was fussing around and attempting to build small plastic greenhouses on my fire escape garden and in my Grandmother’s backyard. I eventually scrapped those ideas.

I actually just planted two containers with kale and collard greens. There really is no frost here, so I can grow year round. Though I still do have to drive everywhere, which sucks.

For those of you in the middle and right side of the country, I definitely recommend check out Colleen’s article and starting getting your spring garden ready.

I’ll just gloat and keep growing during the winter.