My Garden Ain’t Perfect, So What

Posted on Oct 25 2010 - 3:15am by Mike Lieberman

The thing that I think needs to be communicated more often is that my balcony garden ain’t perfect And you know what…who cares?

Everything that I plant, grow, sprout, whatever doesn’t look great and doesn’t always work. I’ve been having problems with my cucumber containers.

I think this needs to be said and said more often for a few reasons. The first, and most important, is that one of the biggest excuses that I hear from people is that they always fail when attempting to grow things. I have three containers right now that look like death.

The second reason is that when you look at most (not all) gardening websites everything is perfectly manicured and looks amazing. That ain’t life and for some people it’s not attainable, so why try?

Some of my latest failures are one cherry tomato container that is beyond sad looking, though I have been able to harvest a few tomatoes from. I have the remaining cucumber plant that the leaves are starting to turn brown and die. There is also another tomato plant that was transplanted recently that has browning and yellowing leaves.

I’ve been regularly adding compost and manure tea, but no luck. Lots of advice has been given to me to help remedy the leaves, but nothing has worked yet.

The fact that the balcony is east facing and gets direct sun until about 1030-11 am is likely a big factor. So I’ve decided to pull-up the plants and grow something that can survive without the direct sunlight.

I just wanted to express some of my failures to show that it’s not all perfect, but I learned my lesson and will continue. All good.