Cucumbers Turning Yellow and Flowers Not Falling

Posted on Oct 4 2010 - 3:07am by Mike Lieberman

A few weeks back, I posted saying that all my cucumber flowers were falling offand thought it was because they weren’t getting pollinated.

People were saying that this is common on cucumber plants and that they are usually a sausage party with more male flowers than female. I’ve also added a bit of coffee grinds to the soil and watered them in as well.

The good news is now I have definite female flowers with cucumbers behind them. The bad news is that the first cucumber that emerged is slightly yellowing and the flower appears to be shriveled up a bit.

I’m wondering if this is a pollination thing or if it’s not getting enough direct sunlight. My balcony garden is east facing and gets about 4-6 hours of direct sun a day.

Maybe the extreme heat from the past week caused this?

What are your thoughts? Think I should start the hand pollination?