Support Probelm with my Small Plastic Greenhouses

Posted on Nov 6 2009 - 5:30am by Mike Lieberman

I set up the small plastic greenhouses last week on my fire escape and backyard vegetable gardens.

When I had set them up on my fire escape, I tied some strings up at the top to support the weight of the plastic and debris that fell on it. I didn’t do the same with the ones in the backyard.

So after a few days of rain and me not being there to drain off the water, the weight of the water fell onto the plants causing them to flatten out a bit.

There is no excuse for that happening except my laziness. I drained the water off the plastic, removed the containers and had to prop the plants back up. I’m hoping that it didn’t cause too much damage.

Now I have to set up some reinforcements on the greenhouses so that they can support some weight.

I don’t think the small plastic greenhouse is a failure. It’s just still a work in progress.