Small Plastic Greenhouse On My Fire Escape

Posted on Oct 21 2009 - 5:00am by Mike Lieberman

The other day on my fire escape garden, I got my mini greenhouses for my hanging soda bottle planters up. Now I finally got the greenhouses built for the self watering containers as well.

The total cost to build the greenhouse was $0 since I used all materials that I had lying around my apartment. I was also able to cover two of the containers with one bag. The tomato plant was left uncovered because I don’t have a bag nearly large enough to cover that beast.

Of course now that they are set up, the weather during the day is starting to get warmer again. I’ve been removing the plastic during the mornings and putting back on during the evening.

The goal is that they will help to keep the plants warmer and live longer.

You think it’ll work?