Miniature Greenhouse For Hanging Soda Bottle Planters

Posted on Oct 19 2009 - 5:30am by Mike Lieberman

Now that the weather has dropped into the 40s, it was time for me to start covering up the plants on my fire escape garden. I started to put my plan into action last week, when I used phone books to get the containers off the metal.

My next step was to set up a miniature green house for the hanging soda bottle planters.

There are two things that I wanted to accomplish – keeping the soil warm and protecting the plant. I made these using materials that I had lying around or were readily available – more soda bottles, old t-shirts and plastic bags.

In setting up the miniature greenhouses, I suffered one casualty and the tarragon bottle fell four stories to its demise. Hopefully that won’t come back to bite me in the ass and they ask me to take everything down.

For some of them, I have the top part of the soda bottle covering the plant. I left the cap off to give them some fresh air and to be able to easily water. For others, I have the bottom part of the bottle covering the plant. These will require me to remove the tops to water.

I’m pretty sure that this should help to prolong the life of the plants through this cold weather.

What do you think?