Ordering Vegetable Seeds For The First Time

Posted on Feb 12 2010 - 5:51am by Mike Lieberman

When I asked for help buying vegetable seeds, I got all kinds of advice and suggestions, which are much appreciated.

Spinach, chard and all sorts of greens were the most recommended. I don’t really eat that many starchy veggies like carrots and beets, so didn’t want to get those for my fire escape garden.

Since I only have three containers for veggies and the hanging soda bottle planters, I really wanted to maximize the space for productivity.

I decided to do all greens and lettuces in the containers and ordered some herbs for the hanging planters. I decided against growing cucumbers and tomatoes because they just get too large for the fire escape and there isn’t enough sunlight for the peppers.

This first round of seeds: Here is what I ordered from www.SeedsNow.com:

I’m also going to have to order some seeds for my backyard vegetable garden.

What do you think of the selection for my fire escape?