Moving My Garden and Life Out to LA

Posted on Mar 12 2010 - 5:22am by Mike Lieberman

The weather is starting to finally brighten up in NYC, enough for me to start my seeds, but I won’t be doing any fire escape gardening this year because I am moving across the country to Los Angeles.

By no means does this mean that I am going to stop gardening. It just means that I won’t be gardening on a fire escape. I’ll be trading it in for a balcony.

I’ve proven it possible to grow your own organic produce on a fire escape in NYC. Now I’ll show that you can do the same on a balcony in Los Angeles.

Growing my own food has become part of who I am and what I do. No matter where I am, I’ll find a way to grow. Whether that location is NYC, LA or wherever I may wind up next. Growing your own food is possible anywhere.

The weather in LA will enable me to grow more and do it year round. It’ll be a whole new learning experience and challenge, but one that I’ll embrace. I’ll take the knowledge and memories that I gained from the fire escape, including the gardening mistakes that I made, and continue to expand my knowledge.

Fire escape or not, I’ll be growing my own food and hopefully continue to inspire people to do the same. It’s possible no matter where you are.