When To Start Vegetable Seeds Indoors In New York City

Posted on Mar 1 2010 - 6:18am by Mike Lieberman

Truthfully a lot of that last frost and zoning information is a bit over my head. So I had to look it up quickly.

According to the book Incredible Vegetables from Self-Watering Containers, New York City is in Zone 7 and the last frost date is sometime in mid-April. The map and legend were hard to decipher. In the video, I erroneously say Zone 8 and mid-May. Genius idea to color code a map and put similar colors side by side.

I also checked out a bunch of sites online and the only one that was somewhat coherent was the What to Plant Now guide from Mother Earth News.

It’s March and I’m in the Mid-Atlantic, so here is what you should be planting now and where. You can easily select your region.

My seed order from Botanical Interests arrived in the mail last week. It was my first order, and somewhat exciting to get the packets in my hand.

(Jayme from aHaModernLiving seemed much more happy to get her seed order than I was. Check out her post on Facebook about it.)

The back of the packet says when to plant outside, when to start inside and also gives any special sowing instructions. Apparently there is even more information on the inside of the packet as well.

In looking at the packets, I need to start them anywhere from 3-10 weeks before the last spring frost date. Some say that it’s not recommended to start indoors at all and to sow directly into the containers like cilantro. Check Perry J Post’s great insight on planting cilantro.

To be safe and realistic at this point, I’m going to plan to have everything planted by mid-May the latest and I’m sticking to it. That means I need to start these vegetable seeds with the quickness.

When do you start your vegetable seeds indoors?