Little Black Eggs On My Plants

Posted on Jun 9 2010 - 3:45am by Mike Lieberman

The green oak lettuce on my balcony garden has not been doing well at all. When checking out the containers the other day, I took a closer look at it and noticed little black egg looking things that were accumulated at the bottom of the leaves.

I have no clue what they are, but can only describe them as caviar looking. They didn’t budge when I poked the with a stick and there were dozens of them lining the leaves around the soil line. I have no clue what they are and if they eventually grow into anything.

My assumption is that these and the cabbage worms, which I had to pick one off as I was checking out the container, are the reasons for the plant dying.

To be safe, I’m going to dig up the plant and get rid of it. I won’t throw it into my compost. Not sure what I’ll do with the soil though.

What’s your thoughts on what the hell those things could be and what to do with the soil?


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