Planting My First Seeds On The Balcony Garden

Posted on May 5 2010 - 3:30am by Mike Lieberman

Two more self-watering containers were made and put out on the balcony garden. I started seeds in each of them.

After some discussion about if it was better to start seeds indoors or by direct sowing, I decided it was best to start the carrot and mesclun seeds by directly planting them into the containers.

When I started to plant the carrot seeds, I noticed that the package said, “Packaged for 2009.” It’s now mid 2010. I still planted the seeds and will see what happens.

The mesclun seeds were dated for 2010, so I’m not too concerned with them being ok to grow.

To plant the seeds, I used my finger nail and made some rows in the containers. Took some seeds, put them in the soil and spaced them out about 1/2 – 1″ apart.

I wasn’t about to get all crazy, picking individual seeds and measuring everything out to a tee. My goal is grow food. If it doesn’t grow perfectly, I’ll adjust along the way. This way I got seeds planted and am starting to grow food.

As for the rest of the garden, it’s been about two weeks since I first planted, and I am happy with the way that it’s coming along.

The two containers of kale have grown a noticeable amount, so have the purple kale and romaine lettuce. The oak green container doesn’t seem to have grown too much.

Now I have a total of seven self-watering containers on the balcony.

The next thing that I want to do is start some of the other seeds indoors, so when I make more containers I can transplant them.

As for the carrots seeds that were packaged in 2009, my Grandmother eats food with expiration dates from the 1990s. You think these seeds are gonna grow? What are your favorite seed stories?