Insects or Mold In My Worm Bin?

Posted on Apr 19 2010 - 3:14am by Mike Lieberman

Now that I’ve arrived in Los Angeles, along with my worms, I’m starting to get the hand of this worm composting thing.

The Worm Factory 360 is definitely performing much better than the bins that I had built and killed all my worms with. Though in checking in on them, I’ve noticed that there are little white dots on the food scraps.

There seems to be insects, but could possibly be mold as well. I tried to take a decent pic of it above and capture it on video, but they are mad small and hard to get into focus.

I assume if it’s mold that it’s ok since it’s old food and that’s what it does. My concern is that if it is indeed insects – What kind are they? Will they provide problems for the compost? For now the worms are alive and over a month old. This is the longest that they’ve lasted for me. So unless the white dots kill em, I won’t be too concerned.

Any thoughts?