How To Ship Worms

Posted on Apr 16 2010 - 3:49am by Mike Lieberman

When I decided to move to Los Angeles, one of my concerns was figuring out the best way to ship my worms.

Well, I figured it out and the worms safely made it. I had a pound of worms and filled up 4 plastic containers that were checked along with my luggage.

Here’s how I packaged and shipped them:

  • Lined the bottom of a large coffee container with shredded newspaper.
  • Piled worms and whatever else was in the bin in the container on top of the newspaper.
  • Added food scraps on top and covered with a sheet of moist newspaper.
  • Put lid on the container and securely taped up with duct tape.

As soon as I got home, I unpacked the worms. They were all nearly at the top of the container, but alive. I put some fresh bedding in the worm bin and dumped them back in along with some fresh food scraps.

Check out the journey of my worms from Brooklyn to Los Angeles: