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Posted on Jul 3 2017 - 11:20am by UOG


“Since moving to Nicaragua, a day doesn’t go by when we bite into produce grown here and taste the bitter flavor of chemicals. The use of these chemicals goes back generations. This, along with a changing climate and five years of drought has had a devastating impact on the environment, depleted soil quality, and caused malnutrition. With your support we can build a hands-on farm model that teaches sustainable growing methods, nutrition education, and improves health for families and children.”

What Mesa Sostenible Looks Like Now:


So far they have been successful at securing land, and growing various plant varieties from seed in two small greenhouses. They’ve also started a composting initiative to help reduce waste and promote soil health.


What Mesa Sostenible Can Look Like with Your Help and Support: 


The GOAL is to build a sustainable, working farm that will provide the community and visitors a-like the experience to participate in a unique and memorable educational experience in sustainable farming, living & healthy food preparation.

MESA Sostenible aims to have the following social, environmental and economic impacts:

  • Demonstrate the importance of year-round crop diversity to reduce malnutrition through a varied diet and nutrition education.
  • Increase soil fertility and reduce topsoil erosion.
  • Eliminate agricultural chemicals used on productive land.
  • Maximize rainwater infiltration and on-site treatment to improve ground water storage through water harvesting techniques.”

Here’s The Plan:


Our goal is to raise $95,000 in funds to bring the MESA Sostenible Sustainable Farm and Nutrition Kitchen to life.


Help us reach our funding goal!

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