Starting to Move the Worms To LA

Posted on Mar 22 2010 - 6:21am by Mike Lieberman

I began the first part of moving the Worm Factory and the worms with me to LA when I moved them to my Grandmother’s. They will be stored there until I move out to LA.

In order to make sure that the bin didn’t break open in the car ride to my Grandmother’s, the working tray cover was duct taped to bin and the bin was duct tape to the base. This is to ensure that the lid remains on keeping the worms in the tray.

They’ll be stored in my Grandmother’s basement until I leave. By that time, I’ll have to figure out the best way to package the worms for the plane ride.

I’m pretty sure that I”m going to stick them in the coffee container with some fresh bedding and food for the trip. The advice that I’ve received has to been a bit conflicting. Some have said to make sure that the container is kept warm and some said kept cool.

You think the worms are going to make it?