Using Worm Leachate In The Garden

Posted on Jun 25 2010 - 3:07am by Mike Lieberman

I’m using the worm leachate that was produced by the Worm Factory 360 in my garden. The leachate was mixed up with 3 parts water and put into a spray bottle and the plants were sprayed down.

Since my kale leaves are yellowing, aphids have infested my purple kale and cabbage worms wiped out the oak greens, I’m hoping that this will help to help both fertilize the plants and to keep the the insects away.

The leachate is produced by all of the excess moisture that the worm bin has been drained out of the worm bin. This is different than compost tea, which is made from brewing up finished compost with water.

I’ve heard that leachate isn’t as desirable to use in your garden as worm tea because some of the matter in it might not be fully broken down and in a toxic state. I know I’m crazy and still decided to give it a try and sprayed some on my plants. What’s the worst that’s going to happen?