6 Benefits of Adding Earthworms To Your Garden

Posted on Aug 9 2016 - 8:20am by UOG

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Plants require important nutrients for proper growth.  By making sure your soil is a welcoming place for earthworms you can help create excellent soil structure with adequate aeration and drainage.  “Earthworms help create humus—a dark brown-black type of soil which holds important nutrients in place for plant growth and use. ”


Earthworm Farm (composting bin)

Earthworm castings are well known to be high in nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. All three of these minerals are needed for healthy plant life. “Earthworm castings also help bind calcium, iron, and sulfur to soil particles—minerals that also help plants thrive.”

“Adding chopped leaves, grass clippings, semi-rotted compost, and animal manure to your garden will encourage earthworms to take up residence in your garden, be active, and thrive.”

Learn 6 Benefits of Adding Earthworms To Your Garden, here! 

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