I’ve Arrived in Los Angeles

Posted on Apr 14 2010 - 2:49pm by Mike Lieberman

I’ve arrived safe and sound in Los Angeles. Now I have lots to do to get my balcony garden set-up.

It’s a much bigger space than the fire escape garden that I had in New York. I’m working with a 13×4 space, plus some areas for possible hanging planters. Not sure if I’ll be able to use the soda bottles though.

I’m going to find out where I can get 5-gallon containers so that I can make the self-watering containers. I brought all of the copper pipe for the containers with me.

I’ll likely hit up the farmers markets and some restaurants for the containers. After the trouble that I had breaking them down in the winter, I’m likely going to change the design of them a bit this time around.

Also going to need to find a place where I can get some organic soil and compost. For the soil, I might just buy the ingredients to make my own. To start out, I’ll need to find a place to buy some organic compost until I can get set up in making my own again.

I knew that it was time to start my seeds in New York City. Since I’m in a totally new climate I need to figure out what to start when all over again and collect the materials to start the seeds as well.

After finally getting comfortable with the resources that I had available to me in NYC for containers, compost, plants, soil, etc, I need to seek all of that out again. Should be a good way for me to familiarize myself with the community and area.

So I should probably stop writing this and get started on my garden.

Here’s to new beginnings!