Succession Planting: Grow More Vegetables in Your Garden

Posted on Mar 8 2011 - 2:40am by Mike Lieberman

About two weeks after I started my garden from scratch, I did some succession plantings. Since I’m gardening food to eat, not look at, this will help me to grow more on my balcony garden and eat from it more than twice in a year.

Succession planting is when you plant a new set of seeds about 2-3 weeks after your initial planting. The purpose of this is that it will keep you with a continual harvest. When you harvest the first set, the second set is growing right behind it. Make sense?

When I did the first round of plantings, there were two rows planted in each of the containers. For this succession planting, I added two more rows to each of the containers.

Now each container has four rows of seeds planted. This should allow me to grow more vegetables on my balcony and hold me accountable to my word.

Have you ever done succession planting? What other tips are there to grow more vegetables?