What You Need To Start Your Urban Container Garden

Posted on Jan 20 2011 - 3:58am by Mike Lieberman

A few weeks back when I posted a question on Facebook asking what posts people would like me to write, I was asked by Tim of Ecycler about a “hit list” for starting an urban garden.

I thought that it could be done in a short series, so here is the first part that includes what you will need to get started.

The list is short and pretty simple. It consists of:

Since I make my own self-watering containers, I need two containers to make one container. Got that?

There are many places that you can get the containers for your garden.

Once you have your containers there are four different ways that you can make the self-watering containers.

Potting Soil
If you want, you can make your own organic potting soil. When I was living in NYC, I made most of the potting soil for my fire escape garden.

Since moving to Los Angeles, I’ve bought nearly all of the organic potting soil for my balcony garden from Whole Foods. You could also check your local nursery, garden or hardware store.

Seeds and Plants
I usually get my seeds from Botanical Interests. There are many other seeds companies out there.

Other places that your can get your seeds from are from seed swapping groups that are local to you or are online. You can also reach out to other local gardeners and swap with them. I did that with Mary from Mary’s Gardening Endeavors.

For plants, you should check your local farmers markets or nurseries.

That’s about all you will need to start your urban container garden.

What else would you include?