Making Kitchen Compost Containers Of All Sizes

Posted on Feb 26 2010 - 5:22am by Mike Lieberman

Now that I’ve figured out a way to compost in my kitchen without worms, I’ve started to pack as many containers as I can to make compost.

I found an empty container of cat litter on the sidewalk that I brought home and filled. I’ve also had my roommate keep his coffee containers and have begun to use them as well.

More food scraps were added to the original container, but didn’t want it to get too heavy to shake around. This is why I started new ones.

A scoop of old potting soil was added to the bottom of each of them, the blended food scraps were added and then covered with a bit more soil and shredded newspaper.

They were then set off to the side out of the way and are going to be to shaken up every few days. I should have fresh compost in a few weeks. Little hassle and easy to maintain.

This is something that anyone can do and it can be scaled up or down to your needs. I’m not stopping here. I plan to start many more.

When are you getting started on yours?