Indoor Composting Tip: Blend Your Food Scraps

Posted on Jul 29 2009 - 4:00am by Mike Lieberman

I was at my Grandmother’s one day and talking to one of her friends about gardening. We got talking about compost, so I mentioned the indoor composting set up in my kitchen.

She said that she’d blend up the food scraps and put them in her composting bin when she kept one. That’s a great idea and not sure why I never thought of it. Especially since my composting mistake.

By putting the food scraps in a blender or food processor, it helps to break the it down. Then when it’s put in the compost bin, it’s closer to being fully broken down.

When you throw in the full pieces, it takes longer to break down. This is especially true when you have an indoor composting set up because it’s so small.

Don’t throw all of your food scraps in the blender. Just put things in there that are soft. Stay away from pits, seeds and anything that might get stuck in the blender.

Once the scraps are blended, throw it on the compost pile, top with shredded newspaper and old potting soil.