Receiving The Worm Factory 360

Posted on Mar 8 2010 - 6:02am by Mike Lieberman

The fine people at Natures Footprint Inc heard about my worm killing ways and were concerned.

They contacted me and thought that it could be the bin that I was using. Of course they did because they make worm bins. They offered to send me a Worm Factory 360 to try out. I willingly agreed.

It arrived in the mail last week and is quite the beast. I need to read the instructions on how to use and set up.

What I’m nervous about is ordering another pound of worms. The lady from the Lower East Side Ecology Center, where I buy my worms from, jokingly said that she wouldn’t sell me anymore if I continued to kill them.

So now I need to get me some more worms and give this Worm Factory a shot.

Has anyone ever used this bin or any others similar to it?