Ideas on Container Gardening

Posted on Apr 13 2009 - 5:57pm by Mike Lieberman

For the past few days I’ve been lamenting in my stupidity of building a window garden in a spot that gets no sun. Smart move on my part. Good job.

But things done changed. I was trolling around on this here internet for what I can possibly grow or do. I came across the idea of self watering planters. Most importantly this video:


The basic concept of self watering containers is that the water is on the bottom of the container and the soil above. There is a separator between the two and a small basket that allows the plant to get the water. So ultimately, the plants are “drinking” the water when they are thirsty, which is what occurs naturally. So the plants drink when thirsty and get fed, instead of us forcing water on to them. Not much of the water even makes it to the roots.

Looks pretty simple. Looks environmentally friendly because most of the materials are reused plastics or garbage. Looks cheap. As Freedom Williams would say, “Thing that make you go hmmm.”

Need to look into this further…