New Plan: Gardening in Containers & Upside Down

Posted on Apr 14 2009 - 6:16pm by Mike Lieberman

Attribution-NonCommercial License by your idea

After some research, I got more info on the self watering containers. The Homegrown Evolution had a great resource on Self Irrigating Planters posted on April 5.

One site that I checked out, Instructables, had a few different variations. One using 2 liter soda bottles and plastic totes. I like it cheap and green. Fits the criteria.

Before I got too far ahead of myself, I had to talk to my roommate to see if he’d let me put these containers out on the fire escape since it’s out of his window. Luckily, he and I are cool with each other and had no problems with it.

Now I am addicted to checking out how I can recycle materials to grow things for this project and found a way to make an upside down hanging planter for herbs.

Also reserved Incredible Vegetables from Self-Watering Containers from my local library.

This project is back on. Don’t call it a comeback.