Building My Window Garden

Posted on Apr 5 2009 - 8:31pm by Mike Lieberman

The compost bin is set up in my kitchen. Wanted to keep the momentum going and build the shelves for the garden.

First thing I had to do was to measure the area of the window garden. Wasn’t sure exactly what dimensions were required so took a bunch of different ones, hoping that all or a combo of them would be good enough. You can see my masterpiece above.

Gathered my list of what I needed and headed to the local hardware store.

    Tools for Building the Window Garden

  • Saw
  • High gloss paint
  • Paint roller
  • Pen or marker to markup the wood
    Materials for Building the Window Garden

  • Enough wood to cover the area

Luckily my fifth grade diagram was useful and the dude at the hardware store understood it. I wound up needing two boards. One that was 1x12x6 and another that was 1x12x4

He said that paint would stand up better to the weather than stain. So I picked up paint and a roller.

The construction of this was harder than I thought it would be, but got it done. It took about 3 hours to complete.

Building the Shelves
The board had to be cut at an angle, which confused me at first. I spoke to my old man and he suggested that I get the length across at each end of the board and then connect the dots. This would give me my angle. Sounded easy enough and sure enough it was for the first board.

With the first board in, I thought that this was going to be simple. I’ll spare the details of each cut, but the second and third boards took me three to four cuts each to get them to fit. They eventually fit. Not perfect, but functionable. That’s the purpose to be functionable. I ain’t Bob Villa or Martha Stewart.

Once the boards were cut and finally fit into place it was time to paint. Painting was much easier than cutting.

Then it was time for cleanup. The saw dust was swept up and dumped into the compost bin.

Now need to figure out what we can grow.
Building a Window Garden - The goal is turn these two pieces of wood into shelves.Building a Window Garden - To get the angle, the length of the area was measured at the shortest and longest parts of the board.Building a Window Garden - Once the board was cut at each end, it was placed on the window sills. Luckily it fit. Wasn't even on each end, but it works.Building a Window Garden - The second board wasn't as easy as the first to cut. Took about three to four cuts to get it to fit. Didn't line up perfect, but made it across.Building a Window Garden - The third board was the hardest and took the longest amount of time. After about five cuts, it made it into the tiny space.My Finished Window Garden Set-Up

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