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It’s More Than Just CPM Advertising

Are you looking to get potential customers to your gardening web site…and not sure what to do next? Spending thousands of dollars on a 1/8″ ad buried in the back of a magazine? Are you looking to broaden your social media reach, but don’t have the time or resources to dedicate? Tired of wasting money on Google AdWords with little returns? Traditional CPM advertising not providing the results you want? Now is the time to reach a new audience by signing up to become an Urban Organic Gardener sponsor!

Through this sponsorship, we can start to lay the foundation for a long-term relationship between not only ourselves, but my audience as well. We live in a time where the conversation is always taking place online. I can help you to be a part of it by reaching out to the over 10,000 engaged gardening enthusiasts that I interact with on a daily basis.

Through this sponsorship you will:

  • Receive exposure that is more than just ads run on a CPM basis. You will be mentioned on all marketing channels.
  • Increase sales from banners, contests, posts and being put directly in touch with new customers.
  • Promote key products, event and/or sales through posts that speak directly to my audience.
  • Seamlessly integrate into what I am already doing across all marketing channels. I have an audience that trusts me, and I would not knowingly do anything to betray their trust.
  • Lay the groundwork for a mutually beneficial long-term relationship between us and my audience.

Online marketing doesn’t have to be crazy expensive and painful.
As a sponsor you’ll get:

  • A customized sponsorship to meet your marketing goals. We will discuss what you want to get out of the sponsorship and the best way that we can work together to achieve those goals.
  • Brand impressions on a variety of channels and be able to capitalize on my online presence.
  • The chance to speak directly to my audience through posts and contests.
  • Access to me to discuss and tweak your sponsorship. Everything isn’t written in stone. If something isn’t achieving your desired results, we can discuss it and figure out the solution.

I’m currently accepting new sponsors. Only five spots remain and there are multiple sponsorship packages available to meet your budget and needs.

  • Sold in 3-month blocks.
  • Variety of bonuses included with each package.
  • Different pricing plans based on your budget.
  • View site information and user demographics via Quantcast.

Don’t delay in investing in reaching a new audience. Fill out the contact form below for more information on becoming an Urban Organic Gardener sponsor!

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