Dame Helen Mirren says gardening helps soothe her anxiety and keep “her dragons” away

Posted on Mar 16 2020 - 8:18am by UOG

Fred Duval – Getty Images

Dame Helen Mirren has revealed that gardening helps to soothe her anxiety and keep her “dragons” away.

The multi award-winning actor said: “I am not very good at turning off but gardening is a wonderful thing to do because it is absorbent, meditative, a learning process and it is physical. It is a really good way of keeping those dark dragons away. I do have them. I do, yes,” Helen told The Mirror.

Last summer, the British actor spoke of the challenges she faced when it came to her mental health. Speaking on the My Self Worth podcast — which was made in ­collaboration with The Prince’s Trust — she said she often felt boring and not exciting enough.

“These negative thoughts are always lurking there under the surface. Everybody feels this way, you are not the only one. What always comes up in my head is that I’m boring, I’m stupid, I’m not exciting enough.

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