What is The Power of OMRI®

Posted on Mar 16 2012 - 1:48am by Mike Lieberman

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Not all ‘Organic’ Products are created the same…

With the rise of organic gardening, comes the rise of products claiming to be the ‘best’ organic gardening solution.

The retail landscape in organic gardening is daunting…

…there are countless products all claiming to be organic or natural and solve the problem you are experiencing in your organic garden.

It seems that every chemical company has a set of organic products they are trying to convince you to buy.

How are you to know what products are truly organic and able to cure your problem without leaving potentially harmful residuals?

Seems every chemical company has a set of organic products they are convincing you to buy. — Tweet This

This where OMRI® comes in…

OMRI® is the Organic Materials Review Institute and products that bear the OMRI® Listed seal have gone through a battery of tests.

OMRI® tests the raw materials used in product production, the production process and facility and the end result, among other tests to validate if the product meets their strict standards, needed to wear the OMRI® Listed seal.

Why do most products on the shelves at your local garden center not have an OMRI® Listed seal?

That is because those products can not obtain the prestigious seal. If you want a truly organic product, you need to look for the OMRI® Listed seal before purchasing.

Just as you would look for the USDA Organic seal prior to purchasing organic produce, the same applies to your organic chemicals, but with the OMRI® Listed seal, being your governing seal of approval.

Safer® Brand and OMRI® Listed products

Safer® Brand boasts more OMRI® Listed products then any other company.

By far!!

Safer® Brand possesses over 50 SKUs that possess the OMRI® Listed seal where the next closest competitor possesses 6 SKUs.

Not only does Safer® Brand have more OMRI® Listed products then any other company, Safer® Brand was the first company to patent Insecticidal soap.

A staple in organic gardening. Safer® Brand continues to innovate in organic gardening by being the first company to patent a true 3-in-1 product, as well as the first and only company to patent an organic insecticidal soap, organic pyrethrin, and neem oil combination (EndALL™).

The next time you are looking to eliminate unwanted pests in your organic garden…rely on OMRI® and rely on Safer® Brand to eliminate the pests, without leaving potentially harmful residuals.

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