5 Items to Start Your Seeds In

Posted on Feb 29 2012 - 1:16am by Mike Lieberman

You’ve scouted out the location for your garden

Figured out how much sunlight your space gets

And have decided what you are going to grow.

Now it’s time to finally get your seeds started and aren’t sure what to use. That’s why, I wanted to share 5 items that you can start your seeds in.

Strawberry containers. If you are growing fruit bearing vegetables, you can reuse strawberry containers to start your seedlings in.

Toilet paper rolls. Toilet paper is something that we all use and wind up tossing into the trash when done with them. If you are feeling crafty, you can turn your toilet paper rolls into seed starting pots.

Newspaper pots. You can either make these on your own by following these directions or buy a kit that allows you to easily make them.

Expanding seed pellets. If you aren’t feeling so crafty, you can buy seed starter pellets from an online seed company like SeedsNow.com

Seed starting kits. If you really want it to all be done for you, then you can purchase a seed starting kit that comes with everything that you need. You can buy ones that have heating mats, greenhouse covers and pellets.

Your Turn

Whether you are a DIY kind of person, or want to buy a ready to go kit, one of these five (5) options will help you to get your seeds started.

What are you going to use to start your seeds this year?

Photo courtesy of annethelibrarian on Flickr.