May Gardening: What Do You Have Going On?

Posted on May 16 2011 - 2:36am by Mike Lieberman

Back in March I asked you to share you spring gardening plans and ideas. I got some great responses from people saying what they were starting to or planning to do.

Katy said she was going to attempt to grow tomatoes in self-watering containers again.

Twinkle69 said she (I think it’s a she) was reading up a lot and planning to get started soon.

Barri and RootsandWingsCo had way too much going on for me to recap here.

Dan Polley said that he planned on transplanting a lot instead of starting from seeds.

Caitlin_Joe had learned a lot from working on an organic farm in Michigan and were hoping to apply some of that to their own venture.

Maren just moved into a new apartment in NYC and was figuring out what to grow.

Jes couldn’t wait to get her seedlings transplanted.

That was back in March, it’s now Mid-May and nearly everywhere around the country you can start getting things planted or pretty close to it.

All the ideas and planning don’t mean much without the actions behind them.

My balcony garden is far from perfect and I’ve had plenty of garden failures since I started my balcony garden from scratch. I’ve learned along the way and this is what I got planted this May

  • Lemon balm
  • Three kinds of basil (Italian, purple and lime)
  • Jack Be Little pumpkins
  • Green salad bowl lettuce
  • Collard greens

So after all that talk and planning what you got going on for your May gardening?