Tip for Growing Mint in Containers

Posted on Apr 12 2011 - 2:03am by Mike Lieberman

Mint is a pretty invasive plant. Just ask anyone who has ever grown it in their garden. It can take over pretty quickly. This is why most people recommend growing it solely in containers.

I’ve had my mint plant for a few months now. The leaves have remained pretty small. It’s not until I started my garden from scratch that I began paying more attention to it.

The roots of the plant have been spreading all through the container and without much room to grow. Since the soil line is about 2-3″ below the top of the container, they were growing within the container and not out of it.

I started to pull some of the roots out of the container and drape them over the side. In less than a week the mint plant started to produce bigger leaves.

When you plant mint in containers, I’d recommend keeping the soil line closer to the top of the container to allow it to grow or make sure that you place the newer roots over the lip of the container.

What other tips for growing mint in containers do you have?