Thanks to You I’ve Been Nominated for Two Awards

Posted on Mar 22 2011 - 2:23am by Mike Lieberman

The one thing that I don’t say enough when writing these posts is “Thank You.” I’d like to thank all of you for taking the time out of your busy lives to read what I have to say.

The reason that this has come to mind right now is because in the past few weeks, I’ve been nominated for a few awards. While I’m pretty happy to be nominated, it wouldn’t be possible without any of you.

My reason for writing and keeping this site is to inspire you to reconnect with your food by growing your own and to encourage open discussion around it. Without you there would be no conversation or discussion going on. I might not say it enough, but I appreciate that.

Here are the two awards that I’ve been nominated for thanks to you:

The Daily Green: 2011 Heart of Green Awards Local Hero
Each year the Daily Green has its Heart of Green Awards. One of the categories is a local hero that is making a difference for the environment. They accept nominations from their audience.

What I’m most proud of about this nomination is that of the 25 nominees, I am one of the few (if not the only one) that wasn’t nominated by their mom or a co-worker. Jenn Berry (@Jenn_Berry) of nominated me. So much love and appreciation to Jenn for the nomination.

Voting for this award is open through March 27.

TreeHugger’s Best of Green 2011: Best Food Twitter Feed
TreeHugger decided the best of the best Twitter Feeds and I came out as one of them. This one I’m truly blown away by considering the other names that I’m going up against – The Atlantic Life, Ethicurean, Mark Bittman and Marion Nestle.

Voting for this award is open through April 1.

Without you none of this would be possible. To even be nominated for these awards is satisfaction enough. I ain’t gonna lie. Winning would be nice, but for real the nomination is plenty rewarding.

Your votes would be plenty appreciated, but not required or expected. You visiting the site, leaving comments and taking the time to interact is reward enough.

Thanks again!