I’m Gardening Food to Eat: I Forgot The Eat Part

Posted on Feb 8 2011 - 3:20am by Mike Lieberman

The main reason for me writing this blog and being active in the social media world is to encourage you to start growing your own food. I show that I could do it on my fire escape in NYC and now my balcony in LA.

It’s been 9-10 months since I’ve moved to LA from NYC. During that time I’ve had a total of one balcony salad. Yes, one. Uno.

The other day my girlfriend, Anita, called me out and asked when we were going to eat off of it. She is all for not supporting Whole Foods and supplementing our weekly trips to the farmers market in other ways, but the balcony wasn’t cutting it.

It’s hard to argue that. I mean it’s been one salad since I moved here.

The reason that I haven’t been able to eat more off of the balcony is because I’ve been focusing more on documenting everything instead of tending to the garden. I forgot the eating part.

I know what needs to be done. I need to do some succession planting, amend the soil and water the plants. Most importantly, I need to walk my talk. I’ve become one of those people that talks a lot and doesn’t back it up. I hate those people.

The containers have been harvested and a big salad was made. Now I’m going to come up with a better plan, so that Anita and I can eat more regularly off of the balcony.

The challenge for me has been laid out and I’ve accepted it. I hope that you will hold me accountable during this time.

I’m gardening food to eat. Please don’t let me forget that.