Starting an Herb Garden Using a Shipping Pallet

Posted on Sep 27 2010 - 3:41am by Mike Lieberman

The project of using a shipping palette to make an herb garden is one that I originally saw on Instructables.

The concept is that you water the top plant and it drains through to the plant below that and then to the plant below that.

I followed the basic steps steps that were laid out there. You are supposed to drill the neck of the bottle through the top part of the bottle below it.

The palette that I had the slats weren’t close enough and the bottles weren’t long enough, so I had to adapt.

Here is what I did and what was used.

    Tools and Materials

  • Shipping palette
  • Soda and juice bottles
  • Razor and scissors
  • Drill
  • Wood screws
  • Rocks
  • Newspaper
    Instructions on how to build the herb garden

  • Cut the bottom parts of the bottles off.
  • Screw the first bottle into the top slat. Use two screws spaced out evenly to support the weight.
  • Crumple up some newspaper and stick in the bottom of the bottle. Put some rocks in the bottom too.
  • Line the entire inside of the bottle with newspaper to protect the roots and soil from direct sunlight.
  • Trim off any excess newspaper that’s flowing over the top.
  • If your bottle doesn’t reach the slat below, then you will have to reinforce it with something sturdy. I used hangers that I bent out of shape and chopsticks.
  • Fill the bottles with soil.
  • Plant seeds or transplants as necessary.
  • Be sure to put something under the bottom bottle to catch the water.

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