I Want to Get Fined for Growing Too Much Food

Posted on Sep 22 2010 - 3:55am by Mike Lieberman

Last week it was in the news that a Georgia man was fined $5,000 for growing too much food in his backyard garden.

He’s been growing on his land for 15 years and growing food was the reason for him buying the land. He’s been selling some of his excess produce at the local farmers market and giving it to neighbors as well.

The reason for him receiving the fine is that it is illegal to grow that much food for the zone that he is in. I understand that it is illegal, but how is it legal for it to be illegal to grow food? Yet it’s legal for fast food restaurants to exist?

Is growing your own food that risky and that much of a threat to society. Isn’t growing and sharing food with your community what society has been built around for years? Are we that disconnected from food?

I currently have 10 containers in my balcony garden and am certainly not going to get fined for that. I would like to expand to more containers and wonder how many I’d have to hit before I’d get fined. I should keep adding more until I find out.