Picking and Attempting To Grow Wild Fennel

Posted on Jul 14 2010 - 3:33am by Mike Lieberman

Pretty much everywhere here in Cali fennel is growing. It’s one of the most invasive weeds in the state.

I see it growing in peoples yards, along the sidewalks on trails when hiking. I really don’t think that most people are aware of what it is and that it’s food that they can eat. It’s free food that is growing everywhere. Fennel can be used to make teas, in salads, juices…

The other day when I was walking around the hood, I chopped some off a stem from a fennel plant that was growing along the sidewalk. I stuck it in some water for now with the hopes of it starting to grow some roots that I can then plant in a container on my balcony garden.

You think this will work?